Martin Vendemia, CH, NLPMP

I began my official hypnosis journey in 1987, while in college. A guest hypnotist came to the school and did several demos for students taking them on “Hypnotic Journey’s” to some amazing places with such vivid details of sight, smell, touch etc. With that experience of something not real -yet so real – began my fascination with what the mind could do and how story telling was such an amazing tool as part of hypnosis.

Certified Hypnotist

In the late 1990’s and Early 2000’s, I began taking formal training in books, video courses and other non-classroom content. My studies included Gerald Kein and others.

My later studies included completing classes and courses from Cal Banyan, and others.

Finally in 2014, after been using hypnosis for almost 20 years for both fun and in practice decided to actually take the time to get my formal certification from NGH, although by that point I had taken hundreds and hundreds of hours of training prior.

Certified NLP Master Practitioner

In early 2000’s, I had attended several trainings with Anthony (Tony) Robbins, to become aware of NLP. From that early introduction I was fascinated with NLP and its usefulness in variety of applications. Over the next 2 decades I would continue my studies taking more courses, studying various instructors and courses.

In 2019, I earned my formal certifications as a NLP Master Practitioner. And have actually taken several courses/programs that also have also granted Master Practitioner certifications.

Hypnosis by Martin Vendemia, CH